4 Ways to Boost Your Small Business with Content Marketing March 28, 2017 by Miss Kemya

No matter how big or small your business might be, using content marketing can still make a big difference in your brand’s presence. If used well, content marketing can highly promote your business and boost your website traffic.

How do we do this? First, let’s elaborate further on the what and why of content marketing. Then we discuss how to use it to boost business.

Content marketing is the method of using content to advertise your business and educate your audience.

It may include the use of high-quality videos, social media posts, and blogs to explain and showcase your products and services. The expertise of your business must be the topic and focus of the content so that your audience can develop interest and trust in your company.

The basic requirement for content marketing is to use a mode of delivery that is relevant and useful to your targeted audience. For example, does your audience love watching video tutorials? Then creating a series of videos with how-to’s may be helpful for your brand.

On the other hand, you can’t just expect to upload a video or create a blog or social media post and wait for your targeted audience to come running to you instantly. Instead, here are some ways for small business owners to further get the best of content marketing for their company.

4 Ways to Boost Your Small Business with Content Marketing

4 Ways to Boost Your Small Biz with Content Marketing

Number 1: Specific business goals for your content

When we talk about business goals, the first goal that would come to your mind is to increase sales. You also aim to increase the leads to your business and create a brand awareness to keep your company on top of the minds of your clients.

Specific business goals for your content

By doing this, you are retaining your customers and gaining new ones without parading too much on your business sales. Set realistic goals in your content, improve brand awareness and showcase your ability to the customers. Give them the opportunity to gain knowledge on how your business can help them. Then they’ll remember your brand name when they will need any service related to your business.

Number 2: Keep your website fresh

It’s no secret that people rely on the internet to find an answer for their needs. They are looking for fresh and reliable content. If you can offer the needed information to them, there is a high chance that they will end up buying your services. Out of date content will kill your relevancy, so you must avoid that to keep your website flooded with traffic.

Keeping your website updated and fresh is very crucial since it is the window to your customers.
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Keeping your website updated and fresh is very crucial since it is the window to your customers. At times, your target audience will browse through your social media links and blog post several times, so make sure to get new information flowing through your feeds to make their time and experience worthwhile.

Keep your website fresh

Number 3: Become a podcast guest

Whether you are a podcaster or know some popular podcast channels, take this advantage to feature your business and promote your expertise. Just like businesses that advertise on television or radio, being a guest on a popular podcast can also boost your small business. Just make sure that the podcast you are appearing on is related to your business industry and connected to your target audience.

Moreover, if you aren’t affiliated with any podcasters, you can still benefit from their listener base. If you’re just planning to invest in advertising on a podcast channel, do so with the use of high-risk payment gateways. This enables you to have the peace of mind that your business is protected and secured against charges from fraudulent opportunists while keeping your chargeback to its minimum level.

Number 4: Use video marketing

As I have mentioned above, the use of high-quality videos in your content could do more than what you expect. You know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Then, just imagine how much more a video is worth? This question might be a rhetorical one, but, videos are more interactive and could easily keep the interest of your audience, as opposed to reading simple text on a page.

With these, you don’t have to choose an hour worth of video presentation of your business. Just a minute-long is enough, and it may increase the hunger for more information to your audience, and thus they will try to go deeper and eventually will convert to a potential customer.


Overall, we know that there’s no magic in building your business popularity overnight. It will come after a lot of effort, and patience will be your first investment. With content marketing strategies, a simple but highly informative business plan with specific goals will surely be a great step to your ultimate goal of being on top.

Miss Kemya

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